Find Your Roots Through DNA
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DNAAdoption Tools

Tools in the DNAadoption Tool Kit

ProjectCapture - is an Excel spreadsheet macro to retrieve a list of members from an FT-DNA Surname or Geographic Project (without having to be an Admin).  It will optionally prepare a spreadsheet of that project for input to Dean McGee's Y-DNA Utility.  NOTE: Excel (or equivalent) for PC is required (will not work on tablets or phones!).

Ancestry List Grabber This Excel program extracts all the members of an Ancestry Tree to an Excel Spreadsheet for you. The link to the download is in the left green bar on this page. Originally this was given to us by Gaye Tannenbaum. Gale French wrote new code to provide a nice user interface and error handling.

No More Dups (by Kent Jaffa)

Compares two match files fromf DGC client (Ancestry data) and removes Common Matches. The resulting remaining lists can be fed into Gworks instead ot the original match list. In cases where you want to eliminate any matches to one side of  tree, it will not pick up any ancestors without an entry in the match file. If looking for Unknown Father and you know the mother, use a match file from the mother and from a half sibling or sibling of your mother's

IMPORTANT: Instructions on Sheet 1. You must paste data from Matchlist one into Sheet 2 and from Matchlist 2 into Sheet 3.

Download No More Dups updated 7/8/15